Art Deco Prosecco

We believe our prosecco van adds a touch of style to any occasion.

It is a modern version of the classic 3 wheeled Piaggio Ape and just like our prosecco classically 100% Italian. Invented by the designer of the iconic Vespa scooter this 21st century version is the ideal vehicle to deliver our fantastic products chilled to the perfect temperature.

For those of you wondering, the name Ape is in reference to the work ethic of our van (ape in Italian means bee) and our versatile vehicle certainly lives up to its name.

Serving both Frizzante 1754 (fine Italian sparkling wine on draught) along side bottles of Prosecco 1754 from the Veneto region of Italy, the guests at your event will adore the delicate clean crisp taste.

We can also offer Prosecco cocktails and since our van has two taps we have the ability to serve Prosecco through one and Peroni through the other.

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