Balnault Farm

At Balnault Farm we have a lovely breed of pig called the Berkshire. Berkshires are a rare breed and are considered vulnerable on the rare breed list.

They are lovely friendly pigs and our known as the lady’s pig because of their smaller size although that doesn’t hold them back.

Berkshires are wonderful mother’s and really look after their piglets.

Our piggies are happy and we look after them to the highest of standards and welfare is paramount to us with all our animals as we believe happy pigs are healthy pigs and then they produce top quality meat.

We are slowly starting to build up our pedigree herd which is really exciting for us as we are wanting to breed the very best quality that we can. We have a Nama Abel boar and sow with Farewell bloodlines.

Berkshires are hairy black pigs with white snouts, feet and tail tips. They are very hardy pigs which is perfect for outdoor living in crathie! our pigs live outside in small groups and the sows come inside just before farrowing and then go back outside between 10-14 days old.

We attend farmers markets most weekends and also cater at events/functions with our Hog roast machine.

We put all of the meat into our Balnault Bangers as we believe this is what makes them extra tasty, you can also get other cuts available upon request such as chops, pork and apple burgers, rolled joints, diced, mince, fillets and sausage meat.

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