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Wester Ross Fisheries is the oldest and the only independent salmon farmer in Scotland, hand-rearing premium Scottish Salmon since 1977.

It takes a great deal of care and attention to detail to produce premium Wester Ross Sashimi-grade Salmon; each with an ideal fat content, thin marbling throughout strong healthy fillet with velvety texture and flavour slightly on a sweeter side.

All Wester Ross Salmon are completely medicine-free, hormone-free, GMO-free and antibiotic-free thanks to specialist husbandry practices employed by our highly trained team of senior farmers and a second and a third generation of salmon farmers in training.

Wester Ross is pioneering an all-natural and highly effective solution to the challenge of wild sea lice by using cleaner fish wrasse.

Locally caught wild wrasse are being introduced into salmon pens where they gently eat will sea lice off the salmon’s skin; with only 1 wrasse being able to take care of more than 100 salmon.

Wrasse have now become an integral part of our husbandry, keeping our salmon healthy and helping them to thrive. Our wrasse program has been successful greatly thanks to the tireless work of our famers aiming to recreate this natural symbiotic relationship and apply it to the real-life farming practice. In the same way as salmon, wrasse welfare is controlled by strict, external and independent regulatory schemes such as the RSPCA Assured welfare standard.

Now we can proudly say that 0% are accounted for the costs of medicines. All Wester Ross Salmon are completely medicine-free; with the record weight growth per fish that went hand in hand with the record sales prices in 2017 - the gross profit of £3.48/kg of fish and £15.10/fish compared to £1.50/kg and £8.98/fish in 2015.

Wester Ross Salmon are being hand-fed a highly sustainable all natural organic diet from trimmings of fish destined for human consumption resulting in FIFO < 0.9 (fish in - fish out ratio).

This is thanks to a custom designed organic diet consisting of fish trimmings and fish oil sourced from IFFO Responsibly Sourced fisheries, predominantly locally sourced vegetable proteins and oils while using only naturally sourced pigment Panaferd-AX, which is an organic source of carotenoids derived from microorganism Paracoccus carotinifacliens.

Wester Ross hand-rearing practice also employs a strict policy of no handling at sea. It is crucial to keep salmon’s first line in defense, their natural mucus layer on top of silvery scales, intact. Thanks to cleaner fish wrasse, salmon get only the best all natural treatment throughout their lives on the farms.

Moreover, Wester Ross uses no antifoulants; all nets are pulled from the sea manually, dried on the sun, hand-checked and repaired by Wester Ross farmers and our support crew. This labor-intensive way of treating nets prolongs their lifespan and the quality of the water flow through the pen group.

Salmon are gently moved from one pen to another by placing “net tunnel” between the two nets; “swim-through” is a highly sustainable practice of natural way of keeping nets clean. The net salmon have just occupied is raised, dried on the sun and, once dried, also hand-checked to ensure its quality has not been compromised. Meanwhile, salmon swim in a clean net which has been cleaned previously in the very same manner. Each net is being raised, dried and hand-checked up to every 3 weeks in summer and up to every 6 weeks in winter, altogether resulting in up to 40 swim-thoughts each week.

Environmentally safe net cleaning is essential to keep the protected wild environment of the ocean-based pens safe while using little to no automation.

Wester Ross Fisheries keeps aspiring to the highest welfare and the highest husbandry standards while protecting the surrounding nature. Our dedicated farmers spend 6 times more farmer time which gives us a unique opportunity to train second and third generation of Wester Ross farmers.

Wester Ross is the only 100% marine salmon farmer, preserving the environment for future generations. Continuing to grow our salmon in harmony with the environment will always be our priority, the livelihood of our many local staff depends on not jeopardizing this important resource; satisfying the demands of our customers with transparent relationships will ensure long-term success and help us to grow. We are proud to continue promoting Scotland’s legacy, both locally and globally, sharing the remarkable story of a delicious Scottish Salmon grown in Wester Ross.

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