BoTree Seasoning

BoTree is a family-owned producer of 100% organic, single-source Kampot Pepper, Fleur de Sel, and other exclusive seasoning products. The only pepper in the world to have attained PGI status, Kampot pepper means exceptional quality with deep roots. Reclaimed after the Khmer Rouge regime destroyed all pepper crops in the region, Botree’s ethical farm supports the renaissance of pepper farming in Cambodia.

We are on a mission to bring the finest seasonings to every foodie’s table. We love tasting how seasoning perfection can transform food and sharing that experience with people who love to cook and eat. We want to change the conversation around seasoning so that it is once again appreciated as a core component of cooking rather than an afterthought.

Today, a seasoning renaissance is underway, sustained by traditional wisdom. Taking a walk around BoTree farm, visitors are often struck by an absence of machinery. In a high-tech world, Kampot pepper farming maintains its revered traditions – picking, washing, and sorting is all done by hand using techniques passed down countless generations. We honour this legacy through our commitment to ethical labour, 100% organic farming practices, and giving back to the Kampot community.

Find us at Visitor Marquee - Stand 308

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