Florence & May

Florence & May is a small, traditional home bakery based in Turriff Aberdeenshire. We bake our cakes the traditional way, using natural ingredients including eggs from the chickens that roam around our garden and maths!

We weigh the eggs and use this as the measure for all the other ingredients, just like your gran and our grans, Florence & May, used to do. We may be traditional, but we do like to add a modern twist to our cupcakes, look out for our alcoholic cupcakes, ideal for tipsy tea parties.

We bake small batches of cupcakes, to ensure a great flavour combination every time.

We don’t just bake cupcakes, although that is what we started out doing; we also do larger cakes such as Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, carrot cake and brownies, to name a few.

Our carrot cake is award winning, having taken first prize in its category at Turriff Show in 2017.

In addition to selling direct to the public at events, or supplying local tearooms and shops, we can also send our cupcakes by post, yes they really do survive.

We also sell homemade fudge and marshmallows.

Every item we produce is handmade in small batches in Turriff, with an extra sprinkling of love.

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