It's tough to find jewellery that's different. You want pieces to cherish that make you feel special, but everything in the shops just seems so....samey! You want something as unique as you are, one of a kind.

The process knittykittybangbang use ensures each piece of our jewellery is unique and unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. We have colours to suit all tastes – from muted metals and neutrals, to vibrant reds, oranges and blues. Our use of colour means that each item will look slightly different depending on the skin tone of the wearer, or what outfit they're rockin' that particular day.

We create beautiful jewellery and package it with care to send to women all over the world. From chunky statement necklaces to dainty studs that look like tiny worlds. We offer a personal service, are always happy to answer questions and welcome commissions for when you need something extra special.

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