Shetland is the most northerly of the Scottish islands - equidistant from Scotland and Norway. Shetland food is the very best - we are proud of our first class seafood, our unique beef and lamb, dairy produce. So, here at Shetlandeli, our chutneys and preserves have been developed to make the most of the islands’ produce, and enhance those delicious and unique natural flavours.

The onion marmalade is something of a sensation. Our ingredients have been balanced to create just the right balance of sharp and sweet, before simmering gently for a very long time to maximise flavour and create just the right ‘stickyness’.
Then there’s ‘Kishie’ – a carrot and cardamom relish. If you have never tasted this on a poppadum, you have never lived!
Check out our website to find out more about these - and our other varieties of great tastes from the far north.
Lastly, but very importantly, Shetlandeli is pretty special – as part of COPE we believe in social inclusion and therefore we provide people with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders the opportunity to work in a supported environment. The entire team embraces a set of values that sets the organisation apart from others and results in products are made with real pride.

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