Spirits Of Virtue

Spirits of Virtue is a new start company formed in April 2018 to develop, produce and distribute our original concept of non alcoholic spirits. Since the formulation of the company it has gone from strength to strength. Let’s raise a glass to what Spirits of Virtue has achieved in the last year…

• An ambitious line of new product development on Whisky, Brandy, Vodka, Rum and well as rebranding our gin product to No Sin Gin.

• Listed with Ocado and won their 'Britian’s Next Top Supplier' as a brand of the future.

• Secured a supermarket own label - unheard of for a company in its first year of trading to be awarded such a contract and also allowed us to get our own brand, No Sin Gin, on their shelf's as well.

• Launching own label products with the big 6 supermarkets in the UK to sell our brands and their versions of an non alcoholic range of spirits.

• BRC AA * Unanounced in our standards which is world class in terms of excellence.

• An ambitious NPD and technology innovation strategy.

• Developed a unique way of extracting the character of alcohol from wooden casks and injecting it into zero alcohol products to create a market leading science approach to the biggest growing sector in the drinks market to create Dochus, Scotland's Spirit brand. Our process will be the biggest advancement in distilling in the last 50 years.

• The development of Shimmer compact delivery system being commissioned by a leading Schnapps company in Europe.

• Received the first ever Halal certification for a spirit to position ourselves within the GCC/Middle East markets as the only "Zero-alcohol spirit" hence tapping into a previously unknown market.

• Major discussions in UAE to distribute our products in luxury hotels and resorts.

• Commercial interest with distributors in Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Canada and North Africa.

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