Stockan's Oatcakes Ltd

Stockan's Oatcakes are suitable for vegetarians, contain no artificial preservatives or flavourings, are packed full of the benefits of wholegrain oats, are high in fibre and low on the glycaemic index. Stockan’s are well known for their wholegrain triangle shaped oatcakes, a shape which dates back centuries to when oats and water would be mixed together, cooked on a round griddle over an open fire and then quartered(hence the shape). Today the company still bakes this traditional triangle shape in addition to our minis, which are available in three flavours. Oatcakes can be enjoyed with soups & stews, are a perfect addition to any cheese board and are delicious with a variety of savoury & sweet toppings. Please look at our website for serving suggestions.
Stockan's award winning Orkney Beremeal Oatcakes, uses flour from the ancient grain ‘bere', a barley which is only found in the far North of Scotland and the Hebrides. The bere is grown for and milled by The Barony Mill, Orkney, which dates back to 1873 and which still uses traditional milling methods. In addition to a unique and wholesome taste, beremeal has many nutritional benefits, including being high in fibre and rich in vitamins and minerals.

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