The Bread Guy

The Bread Guy offers freshly baked breads made from only the finest ingredients, sourced locally in the North East of Scotland.

Our talented master baker has been in the industry since leaving school, learning from the masters of the industry, using techniques long forgotten and lacking in the current bakery market. He uses a combination of ancient techniques with a modern flair to expertly hand craft mouth-watering breads.

We believe that the key ingredient in bread production is time. It takes time to develop the flavour and unlock great nutrients for healthier and tastier bread.

Providing our products at farmers markets and to wholesale customers, we specialise in breads, rolls, ciabattas, baguettes, butteries, paninis, croissants and many more. We also offer a collection of bespoke products due to our ability to develop products to meet your specific needs.

All our products are baked daily, ensuring we only bring you delicious products of the highest quality.

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