The House of Botanicals

Originally founded in 2009, The House of Botanicals is home to an array of botanical based beverages including the House of Botanicals Gins, the Dr. Adam’s Cocktail Bitters portfolio, and the forthcoming Italian influenced Pietro Casella range; with liqueurs, amari and fortified wine also in development.

Operating with a zero-waste ethos and ethically sourcing our raw materials, our sole desire is to create a range of unique, quality, hand-crafted products for the growing demands of the beverage industry, with the spotlight shone on botanicals and the influence they have in the world of mixed drinks.

All our products are created and manufactured in our production facility which is found in the heart of Aberdeen in the North-East of Scotland. At The House of Botanicals we consume an abundance of caffeinated drinks, wear Adidas kicks, religiously listen to the indelible sounds of hip-hop, and on any given day will be found crafting some of the world's finest beverages which are used around the globe by leading bartenders in the greatest bars our planet has to offer.

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