Thule Ventus Ltd

Thule Ventus Ltd produces premium quality, MSC sustainable, Shetland salt cod products. Cured by traditional methods and presented in consumer friendly fillets and recipes.

We are an artisanal company, based on the Shetland Islands. Our fish are the freshed available and we take great pride in handling and curing the fish, so it is the best salt dried fish available.

Our cod is the same as Baccalao and Bacalhau.

All our cod is MSC accredited sustainable, and we only buy from the Shetland market to ensure freshness and provenance. We only use fish and salt in our salt fish.

Every pack of our salt cod can be traced back to the boat which caught the fish.

We have 50g taster packs and 250g packs of salt dried cod. We now also have salt cod pate, known as Brandade de Morue in 100g tubs

Our salt cod has a shelf life of at least 9-months and is stored at room temperature, while our salt cod pate is chilled and is good for 21 days.

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