How It Works - For Exhibitors

How will a virtual food and drink festival work?

The 2020 virtual festival will take place from the 18th – 20th September online via the Taste of Grampian website.

There will be an itinerary shared ahead of the event so you can see all sessions taking place over the event weekend and you can decide which you want to tune in for.

There will be a short description of each session shared ahead of the event, along with a recipe of all ingredients and/or link to purchase all products from the exhibitor ahead of the session so you have everything you need to follow along.

There will be 6 virtual ‘tents’ from Taste of Grampian, Taste of Highland to Taste of Tayside and Fife and more will be announced in the coming weeks. Each tent will be streaming a variety of videos over the event weekend from tasting sessions (gin, beer etc.), cooking demonstrations and ‘how-to’s’ to chef cook-a-longs.

There will also be some local faces hosting the weekend so you know exactly what is happening in each of the virtual ‘tents’ and when. There will also be entertainment from DJ’s to acoustic sets streamed via the 6 ‘tents’ throughout the weekend.

How can I access/view the event?

The event can be viewed via the Taste of Grampian website ( We are currently working very hard in the background to develop our website so that the event can be streamed here.

The event is free to view.

Can I sell my products?

We are developing our website so there is the facility for all exhibitors to include a link on the Taste of Grampian website so that viewers of the event can purchase your products ahead of the event weekend. This will go live from the start of September.

For example if you are doing a whisky tasting session, you will be able to include the link to the specific whisky tasting box that will be discussed and tasted during your session.

If you are doing a cook-a-long it will be possible to include a recipe of ingredients that ‘attendees’ can purchase ahead of the cook-a-long.

I’m a small business and do not have an online shop, can I still get involved?

Yes, you can absolutely still get involved! We have a variety of packages available where you can showcase your business in a different way, from having a short advert stream over the weekend to doing a behind the scene’s tour.

We are also looking into distribution points within Aberdeen and the surrounding areas so people can purchase and collect your products ahead of the event weekend.

What sort of thing can I use my timeslot for?

Over the show weekend we have timeslots available, ranging from 3 – 60 minutes.

Your session can be as creative as you like from a tour of your business, coffee tasting paired with chocolate, candle making, cupcake decorating or how to make the perfect fish and chips. The options are endless!

Some examples below:

- Cook-a-long’s

- ‘How-to’ videos from cooking the perfect steak, filleting a fish, making a scented candle, mixing the perfect cocktail, creating the perfect afternoon tea, making the perfect cupcakes, the perfect fish and chips, and so on.

- Behind the scene tours of your premises

- Tasting sessions, from whisky, gin, wine, beer to coffee

- An advert for your business

What exposure will my brand get through being involved with Taste of Grampian?

This year your brand will get more exposure than ever before! The virtual Taste of Grampian 2020 is brought to you by The Press and Journal, Evening Express, Society and Original 106 and we will be marketing the event via all of these channels from in paper, online to social media. We are also working closely with The Courier, Evening Telegraph and Sunday Post to market the event.

Although the event will be featured in all publications detailed above. Each exhibitor package also benefits from different levels of exposure within these publications, for example a content piece to launch your company as an exhibitor in print and online. Full list of packages can be found at the bottom of this page.

Your brand will also benefit from having your own Exhibitor page on the Taste of Grampian website. This page will host a company profile and link to your chosen URL, and can also be used to host personality quizzes for your following to take (we can build these for you!), promote discount codes, showcase recipes, articles, giveaways and much more.

Your Potential Audience

Weekly Print Reach

The Press and Journal ----- 185,508

Evening Express ------------- 92,665

The Courier ----------------- 152,393

Evening Telegraph ---------- 50,958

Sunday Post ----------------- 408,489

Digital Reach ---------------- Unique Users ------ Page Views

The Press and Journal ------- 1,360,229 --------- 3,714,157

Evening Express -------------- 1,173,025 --------- 4,295,336

The Courier ------------------- 1,367,238 --------- 6,749,892

Evening Telegraph ------------ 624,881 ----------- 2,475,913

Sunday Post -------------------- 422,943 ------------ 577,973

Society -------------------------- 83,200 ------------- 186,549

Original 106 -------------------- 98,100 -------------- 206,700

Social Media Reach ----------- Facebook ------------ Twitter ----------- Instagram

The Press and Journal --------- 81,112+ ------------ 62,000+ ------------ 1,917+

Evening Express --------------- 116,745+ ------------ 33,200+ ----------- 12,800+

The Courier --------------------- 64,952+ ------------ 20,400+ ------------- 3,531+

Evening Telegraph ------------- 59,929+ ------------ 20,800+ ------------- 3,957+

Sunday Post -------------------- 12,553+ ------------- 21,700+ -------------- 383+

Society -------------------------- 7,944+ --------------- 2,316+ ------------- 9,531+

Original 106 -------------------- 66,900+ ------------- 17,700+ ------------ 3,080+

Taste of Grampian ------------- 7,230+ -------------- 3,360+ ------------- 1,616+

Original 106 Reach

Weekly Listeners ------------- 81,000+

As an exhibitor, how can I maximise my involvement and exposure through the virtual event?

Once you have signed up as an exhibitor there are additional ways you can maximise your exposure at Taste of Grampian.

Social Media

We are heavily promoting all of our exhibitors, what to expect at their session and how to purchase their products from now until the event weekend via the Taste of Grampian social media channels. The sooner an exhibitor signs up and knows what session they will be doing and what products to purchase for it the sooner our social channels will be shouting about it.

We are also encouraging all exhibitors to create short video (no more than 30 seconds) to be shared out on social media to promote their session and what to expect. For example if you are doing a gin tasting you could do a short video on what gins will be tasted over the session. This will be shared on the Taste of Grampian social channels.

We will also be promoting the event and sessions taking place via The Press and Journal, Evening Express, Society and Original 106 social media channels.

Social Media Reach

*See previous Question

Competitions / Discounts

We are working with exhibitors to create bespoke competitions that can run over the event weekend, from photo competitions where you can win exhibitors products to bespoke quizzes, for example what’s the perfect gin for you, where viewers can win discount codes for exhibitors products, for example a discount on their perfect gin.

Reader’s Competition

We recently ran a reader’s competition in The Press and Journal and Evening Express where 10 lucky winners won a £50 credit for Taste of Grampian products. We are asking all exhibitors if they would like to supply a product/s or gift cards to the value of £50. All reader’s competition winners will then be giving a list of prizes where they can then select one to win.

How do I sign up?

Please get in touch with Laura Adam


T. 07976 702707

What Exhibitor packages are available?

We have a variety of packages available from 3 – 60 minute time slots, see below:

Main Exhibitor – Click here for more info

Exhibitor – Click here for more info

Event Supporter – Click here for more info

Directory Listing – Click here for more info

If you have any questions not answered above, please contact Laura Adam


T. 07976 702707