ANM Group

Inspired by the innovative spirit of the pioneering farmers who established the original business in 1872, ANM Group is acknowledged today as one of the most progressive and forward-looking co-operative businesses in the UK serving the farming, commercial and industrial sectors.

Established in 1872, Aberdeen Cattle and Farm Produce Association Ltd (now ANM Group) was one of four firms setting up marts in Aberdeen and was the organisation that laid the foundation for the group’s current core livestock division.  With around 400,000 livestock units sold annually, the Group’s facility at Thainstone is one of the largest auction marts in Europe.

Over the years, the business has grown and diversified to provide a wider, more complete range of services for its members.  Livestock auctioneering and marketing is the core business however ANM group also has interests in land and property, commercial and industrial plant and machinery and equipment, vehicles, antiques and furniture and catering and events. With annual throughput of £125 million, an asset base of more than £27 million and share capital investment of £6 million from members, this innovative approach to diversification has resulted in ANM Group becoming one of the most successful co-operative businesses in the UK.

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