Braehead Foods Ltd

Braehead Foods is a fine food wholesaler and game processor supplying the best chefs in the hospitality industry across the UK and Europe with the highest quality ingredients. We supply a vast range of game, venison, poultry, beef, veal, fish, charcuterie and cheese as well as dry goods and chocolate.

The Braehead Production Kitchen produces an extensive range of food created for chefs, by chefs, including pâtés and terrines, hand-cut poultry, sauces and marinades, and vegetarian dishes, while our newest element, the Scottish Charcuterie Company, produces various cured meats, salamis and sausages.

Our heritage originates from game processing and supply; our aim is to offer fantastic quality wild fowl and game at excellent value. During the game season, we collect game from estates around Scotland to process at our custom-built factory on the outskirts of Kilmarnock. Traceability is key and we ensure that estates and gamekeepers we work with are legally certified, trained hunters, abiding to the seasons and that they protect the welfare of the animals and their natural habitat. 

With absolute vision in fine cuisine and our passion for the industry, our focus is on delivering excellent standards of service and quality.

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