Keenan Recycling Limited

Keenan Recycling Ltd is Scotland’s leading organics recycling specialist. In the North of Scotland we turn food and garden waste into BSI accredited compost products which are used to enrich the soils with valuable nutrients. In Central and Southern Scotland food waste is transformed into electricity via an anaerobic digestion process.

We are an ambitious company with high standards. We use state of the art technology and advanced techniques to ensure we are at the forefront of organic waste collection and treatment. From the provision of services to production of end products we aim to provide quality, value for money and peace of mind.

We are passionate about our business and are delighted when we hear reports of significant increases in recycling rates thanks to our services. By using our food waste collections and organics recycling facilities our customers are leading the way towards a Zero Waste society.

Our success builds on the efforts of individuals and organisations to improve the way they live and work. So recycling is not all about us - it's more about you. If you want to make a change, it’s our goal to help you find the Green Solution.

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